Hey! Welcome to Southern Nights and City Dreams! After months of thinking about it, I am excited to finally launch my blog! I am so happy you decided to check it out! A little bit about me, I’m a 17 year old singer/songwriter from Alabama. I’m a senior in high school; I finish school this month and will graduate in May. I grew up in a house full of music, with a mom who loved fashion, and a dad who loved sports. Naturally, I fell in love with music, but kept an interest in fitness and fashion. I am a pop/country artist, and I am currently training to run my first 1/2 marathon in Houston!

I am so excited to share my journey and experiences in the music business with you! This blog will be about my everyday life. Everything from writing new songs, and gigs, to fitness routines, and fashion. I post every Wednesday and Sunday! I love being outdoors, traveling, and doing anything artistic. You’ll more than likely find me writing, running, or playing my guitar. Singing is my job and I absolutely love it. It has given me wonderful opportunities, introduced me to the most amazing people, and brought me some of my best friends! Please check out my music in the links listed above! Again, welcome to my Southern Nights and City Dreams! It’s so nice to meet you!

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