Top Five Running Trails in Nashville

Hi everyone! As you know I am an avid runner. I spend a lot of time in Nashville and I am soon moving there so I thought I would show my top five running trails in an around Nashville!

  1. Warner Parks– Has a mix of concrete trails and dirt trails that are beautiful. The park is 20 minutes from downtown Nashville so it’s convenient! The trails are absolutely beautiful!ucgaaximukpt8qzrcfgh
  2. Granny White Park– Is an awesome park with a track an a concrete running trail. The park is in Brentwood, Tn and backs up to Brentwood High School!granny-white-park
  3. Pinkerton Park– Is a park in Franklin, Tn. The park is a 1 mile trail loop so it is short on the mileage, but the trail makes for beautiful run!  5636422273_b6d1bca13d_b
  4. Centennial Park– This park is really cool cause it circles the Nashville Parthenon. The trail at centennial park is 4 miles long and it is always has a good amount of people on it! centennial-park-aerial-credit-+bizjournals
  5. Shelby Park– This last park is an eight mile trail that runs along a golf course and the water! It is really pretty place to run! 119186

I hope y’all like this list of my top five places to run here in Nashville! Let me know if you have tried any of these trails and what you thought in the comments below! Have a great rest of the week!

xoxo Gab

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