January 10-24, 2018

Hey guys! The last two weeks have been crazy busy, so it’s been hard to do the weekly recaps! I thought that I would catch up and do the highlights from my last two weeks!

Lately I have been traveling a lot between Nashville and my hometown getting ready to move in the beginning of February! My weekends have been packed with Co-writes, recording, and video shoots, while my weeks have been full of half marathon training and prepping for the move!

Two weekends ago I drove up to Nashville in the middle of a snow storm which made things very interesting! Once I got up there I met up with my producer, (Kim Shrum) who is also a writer. We finished a song that we had been working on and started on the demo track for it! We spent most of the weekend in the studio.

This past weekend I got back to Nashville Friday morning, we spent the day finishing up the track from the previous week, making a 6 month plan, and laying down the audio for another song!

Saturday morning we shot all of the day scenes for a new video (coming soon)! That afternoon I had a co-write scheduled and we wrote a great song that we are tracking this upcoming weekend! After the co-write the three of us went downtown to shoot the night scenes for the video!

These past few weeks have been so amazing! I am so excited to continue this journey! I can’t thank you enough for all of the support!

Xoxo, Gab

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