18 Things in 18 Years

Last weekend I celebrated my eighteenth birthday! In my short life, I have been blessed with so many people who have poured their wisdom into me. In honor of turning the big One-Eight I thought I would share 18 of the most valuable lessons that I have learned either through experience or from the people around me!

  1. Be confident in yourself.
  2. Write everything down. You’re never going to remember it the way that you do right now!
  3. The people who let you be your best self and still support you are the people who matter.
  4. Forgive. You’ll feel 10x lighter.
  5. Work ethic will take you a long way. (Thank you to my parents for leading by example❤️)
  6. Plan for traffic!!! (Especially if you live in a big city!)
  7. Not everyone is going to want the same things as you and that is okay.
  8. Find your passion and DO IT!
  9. There are a lot of people who are going to say no, but it only takes one yes! -Kimberly Schlapman
  10. Be early… not late.
  11. Genuine kindness goes a long way with others!
  12. Take time to appreciate your Mom and Dad, and everything they do for you. They don’t have an easy job!
  13. High School is not the best four years of your life, but they are four great years of your life. Don’t wish it away!
  14. Loyalty and dependability are admirable traits to have.
  15. People change and sometimes you grow apart. That’s okay.
  16. Don’t be afraid to fail.
  17. Be generous!
  18. Don’t forget to read a book every once in a while. They can take you to places you can only dream of.

Thank you to everyone who has spent time and energy investing in me. We’re all celebrating eighteen together!

Xoxo, Gab


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