A More Productive New Year

Staying organized and  productive can sometimes be the most difficult task to accomplish. I often find myself overwhelmed with the amount of things I have to get done, and as a result I ignore my growing to-do list. Over the past year with my growing list of responsibilities, I have found a few tricks that allow me to manage my fast paced life.

Keep a planner

At the beginning of the year I get a new day planner. On the monthly overview,  I fill in birthdays (I’m horrible at remembering them), and write in the major tasks I have to get done that day (co-writes, gigs, etc). Then I take it day by day. If you don’t like keeping a planner you can always do this on your phone!

Prioritize goals

Prioritizing your goals for the day will make the check list seem much more manageable. Putting them in order of importance will also help you make sure that you take care of the big things, like paying your bills on time!

Keep your planner with you

I keep my planner in my bag or purse every day. It makes it so easy when I run into other musicians or friends to add something to my schedule! This also helps keep you on task throughout the day!

I hope these few tricks help you stay more productive this year! Let me know in the comments below, if you have anything that you do to stay organized!

Xo, Gab



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